Announcing Our In-House Blood Draw

Announcing Our In-House Blood Draw

To Our Patients,

While the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, it is important to make sure you are continuing to take care of your health and maintain your healthcare needs.
Labcorp and Quest:
Most lab orders can be completed right in the office and sent to Labcorp or Quest.
Our in-office blood draw capabilities will optimize your time and decrease your need to go to lab facilities.

Labcorp or Quest Billing:

Bills for blood drawn in our office will show up as from Labcorp or Quest as normal.

Blood Draw At Time Of Visit:
We can draw your blood in the office during regularly scheduled visits.
Blood Draw Only Appointments:
Schedule a quick blood draw appointment by clicking to schedule an “office visit” and then select the “lab work” appointment type or call us. Please make sure you have been approved for a blood draw by one of our providers.
Virtual Visit Blood Reviews:
Review your results with a provider through a virtual visit soon after results are available.
In-Office and Virtual Visits 
Our office is open and we are continuing to take precautions. Please note the check in, visit, and check out process is done in the exam rooms and all patients must wear a face covering over their nose and mouth.
COVID-19 Concerns or Symptoms: 
Please reach out to us with any COVID-19 concerns or symptoms.
Please note that we have changed our name to Capital Medical Partners. 
Douglas Frankel, MD and Alice Hur, Doctor of Nursing Practice.