Virtual Visits By Condition

To Our Patients,
It is important to prioritize your health and continue to optimize your care during this time.
We have significantly increased virtual visit capabilities to serve you from your home. 
High Blood Pressure: Many patients have purchased very affordable home blood pressure cuffs on Amazon. Click here for examples.
Diabetes: Please continue to schedule virtual visits with us. We also have in-office blood drawing capabilities launching in just a few weeks so that you can come to us instead of going to the lab.
Asthma: It is important to have an asthma plan and supply of medications, especially now. Many of our patients have purchased home pulse oximeter machines. Click here for examples. In addition to virtual visits, come straight to our exam rooms for a pulmonary function test.
Allergies: We are entering a very active season. Schedule a visit to be preemptive.
Online Virtual Visit Booking: Easily book directly on our website here. Click to “schedule a virtual visit” or click the “get care now” button and select “virtual visit.” Then click the blue “schedule online” button.
Use Your Phone or Computer: Easily use a secure video chat to have a visit with your provider from the myPrivia app or Google Chrome on a computer. Tablets/iPads are currently not supported.
Watch a virtual visit how-to video for mobile here and desktop here.
As always, we are here for you during this trying time with increased availability both in office and virtually.
Please note that we have changed our name to Capital Medical Partners. 
Douglas Frankel, MD and Alice Hur, Doctorate Nurse Practitioner.