Welcoming Dr. Vivien To, MD

Welcoming Dr. Vivien To, MD

Capital Medical Partners is excited to welcome Dr. Vivien To, MD to our growing team of providers.

Dr. To completed her Doctor of Medicine at the Ohio State University College of Medicine and her residency at Virginia Commonwealth University Health System.

She brings her strong background of primary, acute and chronic care to provide diagnosis, prevention, and management of complex diseases from age 16 and over.

She is committed to quality primary care and preventive medicine by developing a trusted relationship where she works together on improving patients’ health and quality of life.

Dr. To lives in Maryland, enjoys cooking and spending time with her husband, 3 children, and newly adopted puppy.

Expanded Visit Access and Your Team:

Our same day and new patient availability has been expanded with increased access to our providers who work as a team.

She joins our dedicated primary care providers including Dr. Douglas Frankel, MD and Dr. Alice Hur, DNP who care for patients starting at age 16 as well as Dr. Faith Frankel, MD who cares for ages 16-21.

Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Nicole Raimondo, cares for age 6+ and patients do not have to be in our primary care practice to work with her virtually.

Learn more about Dr. To and schedule with her here.


Your Capital Medical Partners Team

Dr. Douglas Frankel, MD

Dr. Faith Frankel, MD

Dr. Alice Hur, Doctor of Nursing Practice

Dr. Vivien To, MD

Nicole Raimondo, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist